Tue. 09 July 2019 to
Wed. 10 July 2019

open Seminar in Stuttgart

Frank Breckwoldt
Wed. 13 November 2019 to
Thu. 14 November 2019

open Seminar in Stuttgart

Frank Breckwoldt
Maximum 15 participants per seminar!


Personal Management Training (2 days)

The success of the completely practice-oriented concept of HIGH PERFORMANCE AND THE HUMAN TOUCH can be seen in the high degree of sustainability achieved among participants in the seminar, and in the manner in which it actually changes and improves management behaviour. It places great demands on the managers.

The key feature is developing the ability to apply both the “hard” and the “soft” factors of successful management work.

That means the ability to demand and enforce high performance goals among staff. At the same time, it also means the ability not only to design such a high-pressure atmosphere in a manner that is bearable for employees, but which also encourages commitment and enthusiasm. Here, it is important that good management is not limited to the higher levels, but that it also reaches the basic management levels, in particular, as that is where most employees are managed.

  • Totally practice-oriented
  • Ability to demand and enforce high performance goals
  • Encouragement of commitment and enthusiasm
  • Sustainable positive influence of the management quality
  • A healthy basis for lasting top performance


Refresher Training (1 day)

This refresher training is recommended around 9 to 12 months after the personal management seminar. It is a 1-day course in the form of a workshop. The contents of the management training are repeated and discussed and implementation problems are addressed. This guarantees the sustainability of the contents and emphasises the actual application.